UPVC Window Spraying in Lancashire

UPVC, Wood or Metal. Every window frame surface can be spray painted by Hartwell Restoration (Lancashire) Ltd – your first choice for UPVC Window Spraying in Lancashire!

For both internal and external UPVC painting jobs we first have to make sure the work area is clean and clear of any obstructions.

For internal UPVC painting all of your possessions, like furniture for instance, are moved out of the way or covered with protective plastic. Your flooring will be covered with protective drop-cloths.

For external UPVC painting we prepare by sweeping the area around the windows, doors, conservatory etc. and any outside furniture is again moved away from our workspace.

Using specialist UPVC cleaning products we then fully clean and degrease your UPVC windows, UPVC doors and any UPVC trim we are going to be spray painting. This is a 2 part process, utilising UPVC cleaning products manufactured by our UPVC paint supplier, we clean off all contaminants on the UPVC surfaces ensuring a perfect bond for the paint.

Once all areas are fully cleaned, we start the UPVC masking process. If there are any accessories like door and window openers and handles that are not being spray painted then we remove these and store them securely. All of the glass within the UPVC we are to paint is taped up and protected with plastic sheeting. We also protect any adjacent surfaces by fully masking them to protect from paint over-spray, we tape the drop-cloths into place for protection of your flooring.

When all items and areas that need protection are masked off, we set-up our specialist uPVC spray painting equipment. We then prepare the UPVC paint by mixing it with the specialist curing agent, and then we’re ready to start spraying your UPVC.

Finally the UPVC is then sprayed by one of our specialist UPVC painting technicians. Basically we do all of the hard work, all you need to do is decide on the UPVC colour you would like to have applied to your windows and doors UPVC!

When we have finished painting and all of the required UPVC has been sprayed, we allow it to harden off for an hour before starting the next process – the clean down process – all of our specialist UPVC painting equipment is put away and then the protective masking paper and tape is removed from the surrounding areas and your items we protected. All protective drop-cloths are then folded and taken out to our UPVC technicians van, and finally we complete the clean up process by sweeping and hoovering up the internal and exterior areas we have worked around.

We issue you with a 10 year guarantee certificate for our UPVC painting work. If you’re looking for UPVC Window Spraying in Lancashire, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Why Hartwell Restoration (Lancashire) Ltd?

Because we know what we’re doing. Following over 20 years in the industry, we’ve developed an efficient system for spray painting UPVC. This guarantees a perfect finish and no over-spray, guaranteed. Our paint will also never fade, crack or peel. We’re the real deal.

We can spray paint your UPVC any colour you like. Most of our customers opt for black or dark grey which contrasts beautifully with red brickwork and stone. Whichever colour you have in mind for your home, we’ll make it happen. And because we spray paint internal and external UPVC, we can offer a complete solution.

Above all, you will find our UPVC painters courteous, polite and professional. We take great pride in our work. Contact us today to find out more about our UPVC spray painting services and to get your free, no obligation quote.

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