Commercial UPVC Spraying in Lancashire

Our company provides professional commercial and industrial on-site spraying, coatings and cladding repair services in Lancashire at prices that cannot be beaten by competitors. If you’re looking for Commercial UPVC Spraying in Lancashire, then look no further than Hartwell Restoration (Lancashire) Ltd!

We are dedicated to attaining perfect painting solutions across a wide assortment of surfaces thanks to careful surface preparation (including deep cleaning and priming of the area), and by using the high-quality paints and protective/coatings.

Whether you are rebranding your business shopfront or purely refurbishing your company’s property our experienced paint sprayers are trained and equipped in all aspects of sophisticated paint application.

As a well-established company we are entirely committed to providing a cost-effective in house and on-site paint spraying and restoration services that come with a 10-year guarantee as standard, meaning all coatings and painting contracts we undertake are 100% guaranteed to endure.

Our prices are meagre in comparison to other paint spraying contractors, and we guarantee to beat any genuine quote you may have received. Initial on-site quotes and general advice is always free of charge with no obligation to use our services after that.

Our experienced staff have been carefully selected, trained, fully accredited, insured and trained to deliver tailored painting service on time and budget.

We can accommodate both large scale commercial and industrial spraying projects as well as small scale domestic paint repairs. From entire interior and exterior shopfront spraying and cladding renovation to stand alone aluminium window frames, curtain walling, metal shutters and doors in need of general refurbishment or a very specific protective coating such as fire protective paint, no job is too big or too small for our company to complete in a fast and professional manner.

The paint coatings we use will not only deliver an aesthetically pleasing finish to your building but also provide a long lasting durable coat that is ideal for protecting the underlying surface of the buildings metal steel, aluminium and UPVC from the elements and day to day wear and tear.


Why Hartwell Restoration (Lancashire) Ltd?

Because we know what we’re doing. Following over 20 years in the industry, we’ve developed an efficient system for spray painting UPVC. This guarantees a perfect finish and no over-spray, guaranteed. Our paint will also never fade, crack or peel. We’re the real deal.

We can spray paint your UPVC any colour you like. Most of our customers opt for black or dark grey which contrasts beautifully with red brickwork and stone. Whichever colour you have in mind for your home, we’ll make it happen. And because we spray paint internal and external UPVC, we can offer a complete solution.

Above all, you will find our UPVC painters courteous, polite and professional. We take great pride in our work. Contact us today to find out more about our UPVC spray painting services and to get your free, no obligation quote.

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